On Saturday I ran about a mile (and yes, it was blazing hot and humid…I almost passed out about a block from my house, because I had been running uphill a good bit of the way), and this morning, I ran two miles. I had a running buddy today and it made a huge difference. We were able to chit chat and keep each other going, and I didn’t even think about how tired or hot I was. Morning run is the way to go, before it gets way too hot to even breathe. It’s going to be in the low 100s the rest of this week, so I’m not sure how or if I’m going to run. Even still, I’m taking small steps towards my goal of being able to run 5 miles straight by the beginning of October. My goal is 10 miles by the end of the year, and that will hopefully put me up to snuff for doing a half marathon at the end of January.

In other news, I took Brubeck in to the vet today to get his nails trimmed, and he was so upset that they ended up giving him a tranquilizer shot so that he wouldn’t bite them when they tried to muzzle him. Now he’s just high as a kite passed out on the living room floor. He’s kind of cute when he’s drugged. 🙂 I also have been moving furniture in anticipation of the contractor coming tomorrow morning at 7:30 (ughghghgh) to finally put in the quarter round.

Oh, and for your amusement….