So I worked my ass off all day yesterday to get the floors cleaned (tons of dog hair and dust, of course) and get the furniture moved so that the contractor could come this morning at 7:30. All this after running 2 miles in the heat, cleaning house to get ready for company, running errands around town, etc.

He shows up at 7:30 and I show him where the quarter round will go, and he goes outside to set up his equipment in the front yard. He comes back in about 10 minutes later saying that the company made a mistake and insisted that they charge $600 for the job, twice what we were quoted. Oh hell no. Then the guy says that he’ll be happy to come this weekend (on his own) and do it for $350. It seems a bit shady, but at this point we just want this shit done. I am so sick and tired of dealing with this. It should have been done over a WEEK ago. If I could get a mitre box, you bet your ass I’d be doing this myself. This is the LAST time we hire anyone to do anything around here. We’re both pretty smart people, and I have some home improvement/repair experience, so we can certainly figure out all but the most complicated things.