We have finally finished varnishing every last bit of the quarter round. This morning, we drug it all (350+ feet) into the front yard, put a tarp down, and got to work. It was so flipping humid out there, and even though I wasn’t hot or working extremely hard, I was just dripping with sweat. We left them out to dry, and when we came back, the underside of the tarp was just wet with humidity. I hate Alabama summers.

While at Lowe’s picking up more polyurethane (we ran out in the middle), we scouted out some options for a backsplash behind our stove area. The paint on the wall is matte finish, and it looks terrible, since it’s been exposed to 3 years worth of heat, steam, and popping oil. At first I was looking at these faux tin panels, but none of them really impressed us. We’ve now decided we’re going to tile that part of the wall (and maybe over the counters in the rest of the kitchen), unless it’s ridiculously expensive. I think tiling is a pretty do-able project for us, if we have the right tools and knowledge.

We went out shopping to see if there were any deals to be had during the tax free weekend. I came home w/ a pair of pants and a baby gift for a friend of mine (she had a boy a couple of weeks ago), but nothing too spectacular. It’s so hard to shop w/ Scott because he’s not into shopping. Well, neither am I, to be honest, but when I really need to look for something for myself, he’s just not up for hanging around while I look. I have two weeks until I get back to work to go shop whenever I want, if I need anything.

It’s weird knowing that I don’t have to be up tomorrow to go to work. I’m not sure I’ll know what to do, LOL.