I hate to say it, but I’m having a damn good time sitting around the house and doing nothing all by myself. I know I could/should be out but I’d rather just have Heather time. Scott is in Meridian at a Wilco show, and I just didn’t feel like going, so he’s with his colleague Mike (a fellow Chicagoan and Northwestern Law grad), which I think is great because I feel like he doesn’t get enough social time without me. I left campus around 2:30, came home, had a snack, took Brubeck for a walk (he looooves walks), took a bath to shave my legs (they were getting stubbly), then changed and went to Bad Ass for a couple hours to get some reading done. I’ve been going out more to read and write because I get too distracted around here to be productive. I then ran to Publix for a lovely dinner of soy mac n cheeze, a pecan flying saucer, and a bagel for in the morning. I ate dinner, watched TV (some Discovery Health special on a family with 16 kids), and now I’m just fooling around on teh interweb. I need more nights like this.

I’ve pretty much finished packing for SF, with a few minor things that will have to wait ’til Friday, like my makeup. We’ll head to Atlanta sometime Friday and just eat dinner and hang out, going to bed hellaciously early since our flight leaves at 7 AM Eastern, meaning we’ll need to get up by 4:30 Central. That’s going to suck.  I may try to sleep on the plane, but I know from past experience this probably won’t happen because I get too dehydrated to sleep. The good thing about all this is that we’ll get into SF around 9 am and we’ll have the whole day ahead of us, rather than losing half a day. I think we’re going to go to Wine Country or maybe even drive down the Pacific Coast Highway (not the whole thing, but a decent portion of it). Either way, it’ll be nice to have a little out of town excursion before we get to exploring the city. I have a feeling I’ll be eating really well on this trip!

I probably should go do something else for a little while.