I’m not sure what’s going on, but two nights in a row now I’ve had, um, intestinal distress. I haven’t been eating anything unusual (well, unusual by my standards) yet I’ve been pretty sick. Last night I went to bed relatively early (after iPodding and installing Office 2003) only to wake up around 12 feeling really, really awful. I had a fever and chills (Scott said I felt really warm but I was freezing with a sheet, a down comforter, and another down comforter doubled up on top of me)terrible nausea, a headache, and I couldn’t stay out of the bathroom. Today I felt so-so, but tonight I’ve felt icky again. What is UP???! I can’t be getting sick now.

Class tonight was really draining because we discussed three weeks’ worth of reading in a span of less than 3 hours. Really dense conversation, and sort of hard to stay with, even for me. As nice as it was not to have class for a couple weeks, I can’t really say that it was worth it. After class I met Scott for dinner and then went to Utz’s house for an hour or so to play bridge and hang out. When my tummy started acting funny, I ducked out and headed home. I’m trying to get a little bit of laundry done before I leave so I don’t have a crapload to do when I get back.

Today I’ve been reading Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office. Even though I’m still in the process of job hunting, I feel like it’s an informative read that will be beneficial in the future. There are a lot of crazy things women do to sabotage their credibility, and even I (the enlightened feminist…or so I’d like to think) am guilty of a few of them. I think especially being Southern and sort of cute looking (young and small in appearance) does a lot to hurt my credibility and others’ perceptions of me. I’m hoping that by adopting some of the strategies outlined in the book, I will have more people taking me seriously, both in and out of the workplace.