Well, I got up at a relatively decent hour (around 8) and got ready only to find out that my 10:30 meeting was cancelled. This is a pattern that I am getting REALLY tired of. I understand that she has to drive almost an hour and a half to get here, and that she has a 3-year-old to contend with (getting her to daycare), but when I have something planned, I generally count on it happening. Am I crazy for being this way? I think not. If my meetings aren’t cancelled, they’re at the very least delayed sometimes by 45 minutes. It gets to be a huge pain when I have a tight schedule on a particular day and things get thrown off by almost an hour. But what can I do? Nothing! People who complain to much (or at all) generally don’t get their assistantships renewed. So I will suck it up and deal. We met via phone for about 15 minutes and managed to get stuff done, and then we’re meeting in person tomorrow at 11:30 (or 11:45…or 12:00…) to get some more stuff done. Generally Wednesdays have become my “Go into the office for a few hours” day because I’m trying to put in as close to 20 hours as I can, which is sometimes hard in a given week. The last couple weeks it hasn’t really been a problem and I’ve put in anywhere from 15-20 hours. I’m getting paid the same regardless, so they are trying to get their money’s worth with me. Can’t say that I blame them.

I think I may need to admit pretty soon that I am not going to be returning to my current job next year. It’s not too cool of me to string them along like that, and if they need to hire some new people (which they surely will) they need to know sooner rather than later. I’m just so scared that I won’t have anything as backup and I’ll end up in a very similar situation to last summer. I’m thinking the law of odds is in my favor and that the more resumes I send out, the better my chances are of eventually finding something. I’m hoping I hear back from the DCH job. I mailed off 4 more resumes yesterday and applied for 2 more jobs online. If I keep up that average, I’ll be applying for 180 jobs/ month. If I can’t get a job after all that, then there is seriously something wrong!!!!

At first, I wasn’t going to apply for student loans for next year, since I don’t like the idea of borrowing still more money, but I think it may be good for me to have that money in case I need major car repairs done or if I buy a laptop. Granted, it accrues interest, but it beats buying a laptop on my credit card where the rate is much, much higher. I know I may need to plunk out a lot of money to keep my car running in good shape. As much as I’d love to get another car, I know that now is not the time. Maybe if I can get a good job and stay at it at least 6-12 months, I can start seriously thinking about stuff like that.