Today was my day to really get on things and catch up w/ my work, since I didn’t go teach today. I got to campus around 11 and didn’t leave until nearly 3, and it really felt like a long day (even if it was only 4 hours). I think it felt so long because the printer in my office is a big piece and it took three times as long to print up the really long articles for my supervisor. I also took the opportunity to print up articles for my BER 641 class rather than waste my ink here at home. (And let me just add that a really HAWT guy just walked by my window…whoa. Back to your regularly scheduled LJ entry.)

I think I’m going to give Brubeck a bath in a while and go pick up assworm pills for Applejack, since he once again has them. I may pick up some flea stuff while I’m at it to just end this mess once and for all. I know Brubeck doesn’t have fleas, but I haven’t really seen any on the cats in a while, either, so I’m wondering how kitty got tapeworms. So freakin’ gross!

Bellydance lessons tomorrow! Yay!