Super Bowl WTF???! This is the most boring football game I think I’ve
ever watched. And the Rolling Stones? Oh, don’t get me started.

I was gone all weekend to Atlanta to a philosophy of education
conference (SEPES). The conference itself was sort of boring, but
hanging out w/ people was very fun. Some of the presentations I went to
seemed a bit stupid (there was a presentation proving that the
black/white test score gap wasn’t genetic….duh!) but a few were
really interesting, mostly the ones discussing  the school as a
center of production. Our hotel was ok, but not the nicest. The sheets
were hellaciously rough, our air didn’t work too well (stuffy!!!!!),
the selection of TV channels was poor and there weren’t enough hangers
in the closet. At first I was in a room w/ four of my cohort, but then
someone got the idea that I should go stay w/ Noelle and Gerald to even
things out, so our rooms would be 3 and 3, not 4 and 2. I had a great
time and I really like them, but I had a feeling I was sent there to be
sort of the “cock-blocker,” and I felt bad. (They’re dating, so I’m not
too far off in my assumptions!) I feel like I had a lot more in common
with them anyways, so it all worked out. One thing that pissed me off
about the conference is that there were a few people there (mostly
professors) who felt the need to grandstand and try to prove
everyone/everything wrong. It was annoying because half the time these
same people were talking to others and they weren’t listening to what
was being said. There was some old guy that I learned very quickly to
steer clear from. The presidential address discussed how academic
language should value both Shakespeare and Snoop Dogg, using the point
that neither used standard English. Old Guy tried to act all smart by
saying, “Well, of course Shakespeare wouldn’t use standard 21st century
English, what’s your point?” to which someone else said “Shakespeare
didn’t use the standard English of his time, either.” I hate it when
people are stupid and try to pretend otherwise.

I used the trip to Atlanta as an opportunity to visit the Farmer’s
(yay!) and eat at Zyka. As soon as I got home Scott and I had to
go to the Globe for a friend’s birthday dinner. Even though it was fun
I was really tired and felt like just hanging out at home. Today hasn’t
been worth much in the way of productiveness. I may do some stuff for
my Qual 2 class, but other than that, I don’t see myself accomplishing