As much as I’m liking the day off, I almost wish that we got it a
little later in the semester, when we really need it. I don’t feel a
whole lot pressing on me, therefore I feel soooo lazy, even if there is
stuff to be done. I’m just not going nuts over papers, projects, etc. I
have some reading to do, but it’ll take less than an hour total, and
I’d like to print it up elsewhere so I don’t waste my ink on a 27 page
article. I think if I do get bored later I’ll put my bookcase in here,
because I was pricing them yesterday at Target and they were either not
what I wanted or really pricey. I have a bookcase that, in my opinion,
isn’t being used very well, so I can re-organize and use it for all my
academic books to be in here. It’s a pain to have to go from the office
to the living room and back just for a book. All my current books are
stacked on the coffee table and they’ll either get torn up by the
animals or have stuff spilled on them. That and they’re just cluttering
up space. I’m making a valiant effort to reduce shit/clutter in my
life. It makes going shopping so much easier and cheaper. I went to the
mall today because everyone seemed to be having sales. I ended up with
a nice pair of pinstripe pants (finally!), a cute black bolero sweater,
a Henri Bendel candle (fig, in case you care), and bubble bath, all for
less than $50. Score! The pinstripe pants were so hard to find. I went
to Parisian because they were having a huge clearance, but there was
nothing in my size (the smallest they had was a 6, and they were way
too long). Then I went to Express and found a bunch of pairs I
looooved, but they were either too much (like $70…why?!) or they were
too long. In desperation I went to New York & Co. Not to be a snob,
but I’ve never shopped there. I was always under the impression their
clothes weren’t very well made, and I’m a stickler for quality when it
comes to clothes. Nothing pisses me off more than loose seams or
buttons that come off. Wandering around, I found that most of the stuff
looked ok. Their big selling point was that they offered all their
pants in petite length. I did, finally, find a nice pair of black
pinstripe pants in size 4 petite that were not cotton, not lined, and
they were flare leg. And they were $22.50. I left the mall a happy

My aunt e-mailed me last week asking me if I wanted to join her in Bham
when she does an overnight (she goes about once a month for work and
stays at least one night so that she gets more work done). She was even
willing to move the date around for me, so I wonder what’s up. I’m not
sure what she wants-if anything- from me. Maybe it’s just simply a case
of trying to re-establish our relationship. Before my mom moved in with
her, I’d say we were really close, but after awhile we were really not
close at all, at times adversarial. I’m hoping that changes.

OK, I need to be a productive human or the rest of this week will suck.