So I had plans tonight with two different groups of friends. And they
both didn’t pan out. So I’m stuck. At home. Bored. I even called a few
of my other friends and no one was around. I. Am. Going. Nuts. I did
manage to print out the 27 page article (with my own printer, since my
building is locked and I can’t access my office) so I guess I could
draw a nice hot bath and read through that. Sigh.

I am that bored. I even balanced my checkbook. After looking through my
schedule, however, I think there’s a crazy week on tap for me. The next
few weeks look to be a bit crazy. I think it’s just a matter of
settling in. I have a meeting tomorrow at 11, then I’m taking a friend
out to lunch, then I go teach. I will be totally done by 4:30. That
will be niiiiiiiiiice. It’s great not to have classes on Tuesday night.
Basically the only night class I have is on Thursdays, because my
Monday class lets out at 8, which isn’t too late to do something
social, if I so choose, and it’s not too late for dinner. My Thursday
class sort of f*cks things up because it starts at 6, and I get done
teaching at 5:30, so I have little time to go pick up anything
dinner-wise. But not getting out until 9 means I’ll be starving after
class. I may see if I can convince my students’ mom to let them start
15 minutes earlier so that I have a prayer of being able to get food
and get to class on time. Nevermind that the traffic situation sucks. I
wish I could just teach everyone on a single day. So much easier, but
sadly, not feasible.