Here’s a bit of advice: if you’re planning on having a party in
mid-January, having an outdoor barbeque is probably not a good idea.
Odds are against the weather being nice and warm, unless you’re in
Arizona or south Florida. Even then, you just never know. I went to a
cookout yesterday afternoon, and while I had a good time, I froze me
arse off. I should have brought a hat or some gloves, but I honestly
didn’t think it would be that bad. Boy was I wrong! I was invited to
another shindig today (also outdoors) and not surprisingly, I declined.
I did, however, take my lovely dog and boyfriend to the Quad for some
much needed exploring and running around. Everyone walking their dogs
seemed to have these yappy little dogs that, well, weren’t too cute. My
little boy stole the show with his good behavior and stunning good
looks. Hee hee…I think I should make an effort to take him out for an
extended time at least once a week or so. He gets sooo crazy if he’s
cooped up in the house for a day or so. He likes to bark and bite, and
that’s a habit we need to break.

Yesterday Scott and I decided to scour through the thrift stores (after
my disastrously cold party) and I ended up with some steals. A dress, a
sort of suit, a skirt and a pair of pants for $9.95. The suit is
actually a dress with a jacket over it, and it’s pink silk with pretty
embroidery on the jacket, sort of Indian-inspired. I may have the
jacket taken in because it seems just a bit big and doesn’t make me
look very trim. If it works out OK, it’s definitely something I could
wear to, say, an awards dinner or a luncheon or something. I still
haven’t found a pair of pinstripe pants that I really like. My
standards are sort of weird…they need to be petite length (or easily
hemmed), not cotton and not tapered leg. I don’t care if they’re lined
or not, although I think unlined would be more versatile. I may browse
online soon to see what I can find, because my old pinstripe pants not
only were too big (they were a 6) they also had some bleach stain on
them that wasn’t obvious, but always bothered me. So they got donated,
meaning I don’t have a pair now.

I have laundry to finish up (yay!) and I need to type a 1 page reaction
paper to the film I watched in class on Friday. Because of the holiday
it isn’t due until Tuesday but since I have the time I should go ahead
and do it now. It’s a bit early to be procrastinating already.