I took Brubeck to the vet today for some booster shots and more flea
stuff because the Capstar they gave him did NOT work and I kept finding
fleas on him. I brought him to cuddle with me in bed one morning and I
saw a flea jump off him and onto my pillow. Gih! This stuff is a bit
pricier, but it should work. The whole visit ended up being $90, which
I wasn’t happy with, but Scott will probably split the cost, although I
feel kind of bad since he dropped beaucoup
$$$$ on the parvo hospitalization. Like, around $1000. I think when
it’s all said and done I should just tell him he can pass on paying me

Last night we had dinner at DePalma’s to meet w/ a friend one last time
before he flies to Seattle, gets married, and then takes off with his
new wife to Hawaii for a semester-long teaching job. Lucky duck. He’s
invited us to come out and stay for a week, but I’m sure the flights
are ridiculosly expensive. At least for me. Then again, if I didn’t
have to pay for lodging, it might be do-able. I ordred the pasta
primavera, hoping that it would be somewhat light. Not only was it
sorta heavy, it was gross, too. The veggies just tasted sort of off. I
didn’t feel too good after that. Luckily I didn’t get sick, but there
were times I felt like things were panning out otherwise. I watched Finding Nemo
for the third time last night. That movie is so awesome. I stopped at
the part where Nemo finds out his dad really is looking for him. I was
just too tired to watch anymore. I think I need to go to the gym again,
since it’s been two days since my last workout. Maybe I can wing it

I’m teaching today at a new school. I hope it goes ok. Luckily I only
have seven students and will therefore only be teaching for an hour. It
will definitely help augment my paycheck, which is always nice!