So my first class of the semester went smashingly well. I was actually
apprehensive about signing up for the class (Psychology of Morality)
but it looks like it will be a very fun and valuable class, especially
since Dr. Thoma’s area of specialty is adolescents and my research
focus will likely be adolescent girls. There are about 10 people in my
class and I knew all but 3 of them coming in. Some were from my stats
class last semester and the rest were from my Qual 1 class. And
speaking of stats, I dropped it today because I checked out the
syllabus and it is definitely not
for me. I have the internal motivation to do well in an online class,
but I will have little to no access to the prof in case I have
questions. Not cool. So instead I signed up for a 600 level class on
French cinema. I’m so cool…heh heh.

I hate to sound like I’m complaining, but I’m getting pretty
exasperated with Scott lately. Not that things aren’t going well,
because for the most part, they are. It’s just that I feel like he’s
not making an effort to be romantic. At all. Yes, I’m factoring in the
fact that he is, well, a dude, and some dudes aren’t very good in that
department. Not faulting them, just stating my observations. I try not
to compare him to other people I have dated, because in general (with a
couple exceptions) he is a far better boyfriend than they ever were in
all areas. But seriously, guys (and girls) consider this: He hasn’t
bought me flowers since our first date…almost a year ago. He spends a
lot of time on the computer dicking around (for lack of a better term)
or watching TV (or on the computer looking up what games are on). It
isn’t like I want a ton of his time, because I’m rather busy myself. It
just seems like the time we do get together isn’t what you’d call
“quality time.” I feel like more often than not, he’s pushing me away
rather than making an attempt to be closer to me. I don’t know if it’s
“Oh no, we live together!” jitters or lack of interest or fear of
commitment or what. Another things that I find irritating is that while I don’t have access to his time, he feels like he should have access to mine. He calls me. A lot. Usually during times when I am unavailable (and he knows this). If I go to the back of the house to check e-mail, do work, etc., he can’t stand for me to be away more than, say, 10 minutes. At first it was cute. Now it’s…pathological. After reading all that, tell me: Is this normal?
I’ve asked him if there’s something wrong with me that he feels put off
by me or something and he says that there’s nothing wrong with me. So
if it’s not me, then what’s his deal?

So other than thinking about that some today, everything’s been great.
I got my first shipment of books in the mail today, and I know I’ll
have some fun stuff coming in the mail over the next couple days. It
makes my trip to the UPS store so much more worthwhile!