I was googling around today to find out what I can do to stop my phone
from taking pictures I don’t mean to take. The placement of the camera
button is so awful. Basically, it’s where your right (or left, if
you’re a lefty) index finger would rest on the phone while you’re
talking. Great. I had a ton of blurry images that were taken every time
I called someone or answered a call. The best solution I found was to
buy a protective case to cover it up (I can still take pictures through
the main menu). The ones online were $15-20, which I thought sounded a
bit high. I went to eBay and discovered a store selling cases with a
starting bid of $.01. Hell yeah! I bid on one with 30 minutes to go and
I won it! Even with shipping and handling, I got a protective case for
less than $6. Not too bad. Then I started browsing around for a copy of
Amélie, since I’ve wanted one
for a long time, but I can’t find a copy here. I found one being sold
from (ha ha) Columbia, MO and the only bid on it was for $1.99 and the
s/h is less than $5. I’m going to do a snipe bid and hopefully when
it’s all said and done I’ll pay less than $10. It doesn’t end until 7
or 8 tonight, so I’ll have to keep watch all day to make sure it
doesn’t get up too high.

I am going to the Rec in a little bit to get in a much needed workout.
I probably won’t last much longer than 30 minutes, but I think it’s the
thought that counts. If I could just tone up a bit I’d be happy. Maybe
I’ll feel less lethargic, too. There’s a ton of stuff I could do, but I
just don’t have the energy/drive to get it done.