This is re-fucking-diculous. I am tired of being sick. I want energy. I
want to breathe. I want to not cough. I want to not sleep 14 hours a
day. That’s all. Really! I have drugs, but they’re taking a couple days
to work, apparently. I woke up at 9 today, took a nap from 1:00 until
around 4:00. I have done nothing productive or noteworthy. That’s a
first for me. Wait, I take that back. I did do the readings for the
class that I ended up not going to. I haven’t gone to class at all this
week. Not cool. I cancelled my lessons that I was supposed to teach
this afternoon. It’s going to be hell to pay when I recover.

I’ve watched a hell of a lot of Law and Order:SVU, a few King of the Hill
episodes, and some CNN. I took a shower today, though I’m not sure why.
The steam did me some good, but I don’t suppose it really matters how I
look/smell. I’ve downed a ton of liquids in the form of tea, grape
juice, and veggie soup because my decongestant makes me soooo

In other exciting news, I think I want to do this with my hair at some point. Thoughts?