Rather than continue my little stubborn, masochist act, I went to the
doctor last night to get some drugs for the sore
throat/coughing/congestion/ etc. The postnasal drip was killing me and
making me all gaggy, so I had to do something. I feel a little better
today but I’m not going to get too optimistic. I think I’ll stay home
from class tonight to actually get better rather than push myself and
spread my germs around.

I didn’t go to class last night, either. I felt really guilty, but I
felt like shit. I heated up some soup for dinner and I got dizzy and
dropped my bowl and the soup went everywhere. I mean everywhere. Huge
mess! I am pretty hungry now, but I’m too lazy to fix something. I may
eat a bagel in a little bit and then maybe go grab something for lunch.
Or just eat more soup. Or convince my lovely boyfriend to pick up
something for me. I prefer the latter.

How’s this for intelligent…I went to the drive-thru at Walgreen’s to
get my scrip filled and as I was waiting in line, I noticed that the
doctor had prescribed Allegra-D. And I already take Allegra 180. And
they knew this (or at least I told them at least three times). Now I
have to call up and see if they’ll call in something else. o_O