A few big things crossed off the list:

Run a 10K
Run a half-marathon

My marathon training is going well. I ran a bit over 13 miles the other day! My next big goal is to reach 18-19 miles before I leave for Thailand. We’ll see how that pans out. As long as I can run at least 15 miles at a go, I should be fine for the big dance, or so most experts say. I can’t see how only being able to run a little over half of the distance means you can do the full 26.1, but then again, I’ve never run more than about 13 miles at a time!

Eat at Highlands

It was AMAZING! I took the spouse there as a surprise birthday gift, and it was worth every cent! We shared the most amazing salted caramel chocolate cake, and the service was just impeccable. I want to go back, even though it was pretty expensive. That place is truly a treasure, and I can’t believe that it’s in little old Birmingham, AL.

Find a pair of glasses that I actually like to wear

Even though my vision has declined significantly (thank you, grad school), stylish new specs certainly softened the blow. Check it!