As it turns out, I have now had a grand total of 3 papers accepted to Huge National Conference, and all 3 are paper sessions. That can’t hurt, right? Based on the advice of some friends in the know, I sent in the updated version of my vita to the institutions where I’d already applied, in hopes that (best case scenario) it would make a difference. All of the responses were positive, and in some cases, it means that they now know about my article accepted for publication and four new conference presentations (and they didn’t before). Pretty substantial difference, I’d say.

The job market still looks OK, and I’ve added another 5 or so jobs to the list since my last post. Still no word from any one else, which one of my references says is a good thing. I hope he’s right. I think I’ll start getting really nervous if I don’t hear anything at all by mid-January, but for now I’ll continue to tell myself that no news is good news.

On the research front, I have some ideas that I will act upon in the next couple of weeks, in hopes of having some fresh sets of data to work with for future articles and conferences. I want to come out guns blazing when/if I get a job, and this will certainly help. Now, to get that old conference paper in shape to send out by December…