So, I’m going to be buying a MacBook very soon, God willing. Probably tomorrow. I’ve owned a laptop before (a Gateway Solo 1100), but it was purchased in August 2000 (with my savings bonds that had been maturing since I was born), and it was, well, kind of slow. I really didn’t use it as much of a laptop, anyways, since it always sat on my desk in my dorm room or on a table in my apartment, hooked up to my cable modem. Wireless wasn’t really done around here in the early 2000s, unless you had lots of money or skills (of which I had neither). I bought my current computer (a Dell Dimension 2400 desktop) in January 2004 and have been using it since then. Despite its cheapness, it’s really served me pretty well. Not the quickest or fanciest machine around, but it does (mostly) what I want it to. Upon buying this computer, I gave the laptop to someone whom I presumed needed it, but this person sold it, instead. I know you can’t dictate what one does with a gift, but it kind of pissed me off. I should have just kept it, even though it would be long since obsolete by now. C’est la vie.That sucker had a 2G hard drive and like 64 MB of RAM. It wasn’t even capable of running Windows XP. When my dad gave me my current printer in January 2004, my laptop couldn’t even support it!

I’m kind of freaked out about spending that much money on something, even if that something is useful, nay, necessary for my education. I have a solid plan in place for paying it back, and hopefully this plan goes off without a hitch. With rates being as low as they are now, I oughta strike while the iron’s hot. I just need to tell myself it’s OK to spend money on necessities. I’ve been operating on “broke mode” for far too long.