• On a whim, I painted the coffee table white. It worked out well. I was kind of afraid, but it brightens up the room significantly, and it saves me from having to sand down and refinish the damn thing. It was old and a hand-me-down, and to me wasn’t worth all that time and effort.
  • I met up w/ a friend yesterday for coffee because she said she had big news. Boy, did she: she’s 1 month pregnant by a guy she’s only been with for 5 weeks. I have no idea how that will pan out. Pray for her.
  • I’m priming our new window and the window frames and sills in anticipation of painting them. I’m hoping I can talk Scott into helping me paint the living room, because it’s a damn huge room (23×18) and it would take me weeks to do it on my own.
  • There is a good possibility that the dean of the law school will grant Scott a 1 year contract extension (they are usually in 3 year cycles) if he asks for one. The rationale is that everyone’s contracts are lined up, so if all 4 of them (or even if 3 of them) decided to leave at the same time, it would be difficult. Having at least one of the legal writing faculty on a different cycle will really benefit them. I told him to ask for one so that I don’t have to fit 1 year of dissertation work into 4 months (or some other insane time frame). It means we stay here a little longer, but it also means I have the luxury of job hunting a little longer and being a little more selective about where I go.
  • If you happen to have $60 to burn, go buy the BBC’s Planet Earth. The footage is fan-fucking-tastic!  They make an $85 HD-DVD version, but we’ve been blown away with the high quality of what we get with a regular DVD player and an HDTV. The Caves episode is especially good.