I really feel like I got cheated, summer-wise. My “vacation” lasted a grand total of 3 weeks (1 week after the wedding, and these past 2 weeks), and that wasn’t nearly enough. I start back to the grind for real tomorrow. I went in on Friday for a couple of hours to make the transition and learn the ropes. I think this job will be good for me, and there’s a lot of potential for growth in the lab, and I hope I’m the one to make it happen. My current work schedule looks something like this:

Monday: 9-3
Tuesday: 10-3
Wednesday: 10-2
Thursday: 9-3
Friday: no work!

I also got an e-mail on Friday afternoon saying that my Qual 3 class that meets Thursday nights has been canceled. I was actually kind of pissed because I felt like I needed that class. Since I expect my dissertation to be qualitative (rather than quantitative…y’know, statistics-based), taking the full 3 course sequence would really be in my best interest. Only 2 people (including me) enrolled. I think this particular professor’s reputation is really in the outhouse, and I don’t see her lasting long around here. It used to be that all the classes in the Qualitative sequence (1-3) were somewhat hard to get into because everyone wanted to take them (when my old advisor taught them). Now that’s not the case, and I worry that people won’t be able to get through the entire sequence because of low enrollment. I dropped that class and enrolled in another Ed Psych class that’s taught by another one of my favorite professors. It sucks because it meets Wednesday nights after I have a class Wednesday afternoon, but it shouldn’t be a lot of work. This is the last semester where I really have to take anymore than 2 classes, and if I’m lucky, I might take comps in the spring. I’ll need to talk to my advisor about this, since he has to sign off on that. That would put me writing my dissertation prospectus next summer, and defending it next fall, then hopefully collecting data in the fall and early spring, and writing through spring and summer of 2009. Holy crap, I’ve been in school a long, long time.