So I just finished the first of four weekend classes this semester. The content is awesome (History of American Education), as is the prof (I actually sort of work for him, lol), but there are a couple of people in the class that I want to fling sharp objects at. One in particular is “one of those”: a middle aged, white, bourgeoise female who can’t keep her fucking trap shut. When I first saw her, I would swear she was at least 55 or 60. She’s 44, y’all.  Forty-four! She acts and looks like an older lady because her husband is like 20 years older than her. I met him this morning and he’s way cooler than her. She always has to interject comments, and 95% of them are either irrelevant or wrong.  Somebody needs a steaming hot cup of STFU. Another person that annoys me is this guy who’s fairly nice, but has some really ignorant views and doesn’t know shit about history. He’s a social studies teacher. Great.

I really started glazing over about 3:15. We had class last night until 7 or so (let out early), then came back at 10, took notes for over 2 hours, went to lunch, then came back and just let out at 4:00. Looooooooong day. Luckily most of the material is easy and Dr. Urban makes it entertaining. He uses the term “the well-known ingredient” for, well, “shit.” Way funny!

Anyhoo, I guess I’ll fool around here for a bit before going home. Scott’s grading and I’m in no hurry to put up w/ that after 5 and a half hours of class. 1 down, 3 to go!