So Other Boss calls me this morning at 8:45 and asks me to walk back over to our old building to make sure that the movers know that they need to bring over some file cabinets and bookshelves. He seems very concerned and keeps saying that’s it’s important. Right. So I finish what I was working on and then schlep over there (it was cold) and the movers are indeed there doing their thing. I said something to one of the mover guys about making sure that these things get moved and he said I could go up and check.

Not only did OB put signs on the doors of the rooms where the furniture was, he also put signs on each and every piece of furniture. So why did he send me over there again? Urghhhh. The movers are neither stupid nor illiterate. If you have all those signs everywhere, I think they’ll figure it out. Of course I’m the one who gets the funny looks when I ask to make sure those things will be taken.

Also I’m noticing a troubling trend of faculty members expecting secretaries to bow and scrape to their every need. That’s not their job. Their job is to keep the department running. Storing DVDs that you don’t have room for doesn’t fit into this description. Everybody’s seriously been limited in their storage space, so expecting clerical folks to take an even bigger hit is just ridiculous. If somebody leaves so much as 3 minutes early there’s a big huge fuss and there’re always something urgent that has to be done right now, yet the same faculty members will stay out for lunch over 2 hours with students waiting to meet. Not to mention OB has switched numbers AGAIN and has TWO people taking his calls, me and another FACULTY member (she’s new, but she’s still faculty). He isn’t doing anything to make friends around here, that’s for damn sure.

I like my office and everything (and most of the people I work with) but I will be happy to leave in July.