Well, job lead #1 emerged yesterday. I got a call while I was in the Ferg doing some reading and it was from DCH. I applied for an administrative assistant position there and they called me to describe the job to me before they started scheduling interviews. The job is strange because it doesn’t have benefits and it’s a 3-year position where it tapers off. 1st year, I’d be full time, 2nd part-time, and then 3rd quarter-time. That actually works out well for me because I’ll be working on my dissertation in the next few years and will need more time to devote to that. The benefits thing isn’t too bad, considering I have a little over a year left on my dad’s. Maybe I’ll just get the grad student insurance or something once his coverage runs out on me. I applied for 5 more jobs yesterday, so let’s hope they work out. I’ve literally put out nearly 30 apps/resumes since early February, and surely something has to pop up eventually.

I had an awkward encounter with work yesterday when the business manager called me to talk to me about one of my students (I think she has a LD and she is not progressing at all) and she asked me if I was planning to teach over the summer and come back next academic year. Fcuk. I just gave her some line about, “Well, with my research responsibilities and my class load, I’m not sure what my schedule will be, and I won’t know anything for at least another month, so I’ll get back to you.” As much as I freaking hate my job, I know better than to burn bridges.

Brubeck did so well! He really doesn’t act differently at all, except maybe slightly calmer since I’m sure he has a little bit of pain and jumping hurts for him. The total bill was a bit outrageous (around $200), but hopefully I won’t have many more expenses like that for him.  Up until yesterday I had nothing positive experiences with the vet, but some of the new people he’s hired are just awful. They’re very, very rude, slow to help, and they didn’t answer any of my questions (“Did you feed him? Should I feed him when we get home?”). I just got a survey in the mail yesterday from them, and I may mention it. As someone who is job-hunting, I get really irritated when I see people who aren’t doing their job.