My dog, that is. Brubeck went to the vet this morning for his pre-op appointment before I get him fixed on Wednesday. He got three shots, some blood work and a pedicure, and the only thing he flinched at was the nail clipping. He’s such a good boy at the vet, but that may change after what I’m having done on Wednesday. I’m hoping at least it will calm him down and stop his humping habit (yeah, really).

I’m still sick. This sucks. My nose is only slightly runny, but I think I’ve bruised a rib or two from coughing. It’s one of those deep, productive hacking coughs and it’s absolutely wretched. I may get Scott to do what my mom used to do: lay me over the bed with the vaporizer going and do some percussion on my back to loosen stuff up. Ah, the lovely childhood of an asthmatic. I’ve been resting very well, but I can’t seem to shake this. I’m beginning to this this is/was the flu and not just some little virus. I really need to start getting flu shots, not to mention annual checkups, seeing as how I haven’t had one since November 2002.

I went into the office again yesterday and did another 2-3 hours worth of work. My workaholic tendencies are really coming out now, and I can’t let them get the best of me. I seriously think I would work 24/7 if I wasn’t sick. I do have a ton of reading to do but I’m just so drugged and tired right now that it’s hard to really concentrate on Heidegger essays and books about critical discourse analysis (whooo, party at my house!), so what’s the point of trying now? I also have some files to listen to so I can write catalog descriptions, and that doesn’t take a hell of a lot of concentration, so I may do those tonight when I get home from class.

Now would be a great time for me to get going so I can get away from whatever the hell they’re burning over at the golf course across the street. There’s smoke everywhere and it’s doing very little to help me, breathing-wise.