So far this weekend has been nice and quasi-productive. Friday’s presentation in class went really, really well. I felt like a lot of people were trying to say too much, and my presentation was just the right length (about 10 minutes). Some of them took nearly 30 minutes, which I think is a bit excessive, judging by what my professor said she wanted. I left right at 4:30 (in the middle of the last guy’s presentation) and headed off to change clothes to head to B’ham. I had some issues getting myself together, but despite that I managed to meet Scott, Mike, and Reni right at 5:00. We headed to Birmingham to the dinner at “The Club.” I think it’s the dumbest name for a club, but it does make it clear what it is. The dinner was ok (we didn’t get our veggie plates until well after the other people got their food) but I really liked listening to Warren St. John. And looking at him, for that matter. My, but isn’t he a good looking guy. I met him before the dinner and he is a really nice guy. I loved his book and it was funny hearing him tell the stories from the book. After the dinner we went out for cocktails (or in my case water, since I was the designated driver) and then headed home around 11. I was so very tired and fell right asleep around 12:30 or 1 and woke up around 8:30 or so. I went into the office a little after 10 and stayed until 1:30 (go me!) and got a ton of stuff done. Our servers were down all morning so I just did some reading and went to the library to xerox some articles. I managed to catalogue a bunch of audio files and do some more organization of files on the removable hard drive, and hopefully I can access those at home once I get the freaking serial number for this software.