I can’t believe that there are people out there who are so misinformed.

I also can’t believe I’m up this early in the morning. This may be what I need to get back on track, sleepwise. I’ve been sleeping 10+ hours a night and I don’t think that’s good for me, even if I am sick. I think I’m coming down with bronchitis now. Oh, boy!

Last night, since I didn’t have class, I did a good bit of just fooling around and then got cracking on my work for today’s class. I did my scene analysis for the movie from last week and did my PowerPoint presentation for my mid-term project. We have to do a presentation, using PP and filmic illustrations, about a theme or topic related to one of the movies we’ve seen so far. I used a film from Cameroon to talk about images of black and white to symbolize imprisonment. I think it will be a good presentation. My voice is almost totally gone, so I hope I’m able to give it. Maybe she’ll cut me some slack and not make my presentation too long or anything. Tonight I have to go to B’ham with Scott for some law school dinner. I’m actually excited because Warren St. John (author of Rammer Jammer, Yellow Hammer) will be speaking. I’m sure that will be awesome. I was unclear about what I should wear, but I think I may wear a nice pair of black pants and a shirt I just bought this week that I really want to wear. My shopping trip last night yielded a pair of gaucho pants on sale (from the kid’s department, lol!) and then I used my Cingular rebate gift card to buy a really cute skirt and a pair of sunglasses at Cato. I popped in there because I was already over in the general area buying a gargantuan bag of dog food for Brubeck and was curious to see if they had what I wanted. I’d never been in there, but the clothes overall are pretty cheap and cute. I may start going there for more trendy things.