It occurs to me, dear readers, that I need to make some changes. This entire blog currently revolves around me making of sense of things through the lens of what I used to be. Or what I aspired to be, at any rate. But what of who and what I am now?

I am thinking of creating a whole new blog and making a fresh start. What about the great things I see here? What about the fascinating day or overnight trips I take? I’m in a veritable scenic paradise, and yet none of that comes out here. Or, what about the amazing things I have time to cook in my state of funemployment? I don’t aspire to write a food blog, because I’m nowhere near that good, but there are times I think that it would be nice to share happiness with others.

If this happens, I will be sure to link here so that I can be found if anyone wishes to find me. It seems as if it is time to lay this part of my life to rest so that I can fully move on to what lies ahead.