I called the HR person from my former employer (again) to find out exactly what in the hell happened. As you may recall, she told me that I was eligible to apply in June even though my pay ran through August. The state finally told me that I was not eligible then because…wait for it…I was still being paid. Fair enough. But I really wanted to know why I was told to apply in June when the state obviously has other regulations.

After talking with her, I learned that she told me this because, “It was like that in the state where I used to work, so I thought it was that way in [State], too.”

Are you kidding me?! You don’t know the laws that govern your job in the state in which you work, and you don’t bother to verify this before telling someone what to do? It’s not like people make decisions based on this or anything. It’s not like I’m suddenly a few thousand dollars short of where we thought we’d be. Oh, no. No biggie.

My employer has an alarming number of totally clueless and incompetent people in their employ. (Don’t even get me started on what they did to a few of my friends’ immigration documents.) I suppose this explains why they didn’t keep me. I actually can tell my ass from a hole in the ground.