The job search is still chugging away, with nothing but rejections or silence. I suppose I’m used to that, so no big deal. I have managed to get hooked into two interesting part-time opportunities that will help to occupy my time and my mind. One is teaching a class at my alma mater online, and the other is doing some social justice-oriented teacher training/professional development in a rural district a couple of hours from here. Neither job pays very much at all, but they will both give me at least some structure in my life. I welcome the chance to do things that I find meaningful. These may lead to other things that could perhaps be more full-time and better-paying, so I feel like I can’t say no.

The article that was accepted during my trip to Vietnam has edits due next week. It feels weird to even bother going through with publishing the article, given that it does not benefit me in any way, nor will there be any follow-up to the article. That said, I feel like I should complete what I started. The edits are minimal, and I have nothing else going on right now. There is really no reasonable excuse for not doing it.

With some of the career and financial angst lifted, things are mostly good. I still wish I had something more substantial, and I get a bit sad as the beginning of the fall semester nears. I wonder what I would be doing if things had turned out differently. At the same time, I am pretty sure that I want something different in my life and a career that doesn’t fuck with my head as much as academia did.