After weeks and weeks of no unemployment money, I called the state to find out what was happening. After dealing with a surprisingly helpful and professional person, I found out that my lovely, darling, incompetent former employer completely misinformed me as to when I would be eligible for unemployment, even after I asked if they were certain given that I was to be paid through August. No matter how many times I asked, they assured me that I was eligible as soon as my contract ended. I should have known not to trust them. Their HR department is by far the worst I have dealt with, and I am certainly not the only person to have issues with them. The upside is that if I don’t have work by early September (shoot me, please), I will be eligible for benefits until early March. And if I don’t have a job by then…I shudder to think.

It’s hard for me to forgive their incompetence and sheer idiocy when they tried to hit me up for cash mere days before my contract ran out. As you can imagine, I can think of many unpleasant and unsavory things they may go suck on vigorously.

Also, it’s hard for me to get past this when the only news I get on the job front is bad news. I struggle to negotiate the balance between optimism and realism, but I can’t let myself drown in self-pity or anger. At the same time, it’s hard not to feel as if I constantly draw the short straw at every possible opportunity.

I really need to get a job so that I don’t have so much time to dwell on things.