No word yet from the interview. They did say the holiday would likely delay the decision until next week, but that does little for my anxiety. I have been applying for more jobs, almost all of which I am completely overqualified for. At least the pay and benefits would be decent. It’s a little disheartening to know that I could have a job that only requires a bachelor’s, or in one case, an associate’s. Then again, I would so much rather be working than sitting around the house doing almost nothing.

In my defense, I am spending a lot of time and effort on domestic tasks, so our house is pretty clean and we’ve been eating very well. One constant irritant is the amount of dust, sand, and grit that get in the house and all over the floor. Now that the monsoon season is beginning, I also get to contend with mud tracked into the house. I’m thinking that we may have to hire someone to come in occasionally to clean once we are both working.

One bright spot in all this is that I am participating in a clinical trial on IBS that actually compensates me somewhat generously. I am doing a lactose intolerance test tomorrow, which means I’m on a highly restricted diet today (basically rice, meat, and eggs only). It’s kind of a drag, but way better than my pre-colonoscopy diet, which was clear liquids only. Blehh. I stand to make perhaps a couple thousand dollars if I go through the whole study. The extra money that I’m bringing in from participating helps us to have a little fun that we otherwise would not have. I’m hoping that at some point my unemployment benefits come in to help offset the savings we’re spending to get by month-to-month. In all honesty, I’m hoping we both get good jobs news soon so that we can move on with our lives and stop worrying about our financial future.