So far, this feels like a pretty expensive vacation. I have been waking up as late as 8:30 (extremely late for me), making breakfast, lazing around, doing stuff around the house, and occasionally going out for a beer, a bike ride, or other excursion. Spouse started his bar review classes on Tuesday, so I am on my own from about 8:30 until 1 every day.

It isn’t so bad, but I do wish I knew more people. I met up with the lovely Shedding Khawatir for coffee earlier this week, which was nice. A friend of mine has offered to introduce me to some people for networking purposes. I am also seeking out volunteering/outreach activities that might help me meet people. I think it may be harder to meet people when you aren’t working, but on the other hand, I have limitless time and energy to spend getting out there to socialize. It’s not all bad.

My only complaint, really, is the nosebleeds. Not full-blown, pouring out the nose kind, but the “my nose is dried out from the desert air and I get little bloody chunks when I blow my nose” kind. Pretty gross, but mostly annoying. I hope I adjust soon! Until then, a few Neti rinses will get me through. They say we are in danger of having wildfires, and I am worried about that for a number of obvious reasons. I also can’t imagine that is good for my (or anyone else’s) sinuses.