I am in beautiful San Francisco for a conference! My last one, obviously, and I am doing a poster. Why I didn’t elect to do these in prior conferences, I will never know. So much less stress and more one-on-one interaction.

Later on, I am meeting up with two different people with one very odd thing in common: They were both on committees that rejected me for a job. It sounds like I’m a glutton for punishment, but both are for good reasons. One has become a friend and research collaborator, and we wanted to hang out a bit. The last time I saw her was during my campus visit last year, so it will be nice to catch up. The other is someone I met when I interviewed at a university very close to where I will be moving in 17 (!!!!!) days, and I want to reconnect and perhaps get advice as to what I could do outside of academia in that region. She was really cool to me during my visit, and she could be a powerful resource for me as I begin to remake my professional identity.

I think tomorrow and Monday will involve a lot of sight-seeing, walking around, and general non-conference stuff. I bought a bath bomb at Lush and will take full advantage of my hotel’s bathtub, since we have had only a shower stall since we moved in July. Ahhh…