Things were going so well, I felt so grateful…Of COURSE something had to go wrong. Sigh.

The spouse leaves New Mexico tomorrow to come home (yay!) and was going to sign the lease this morning so that it would be dealt with during his trip. The dude backed out on him this morning, citing some kind of family conflict that necessitated that he move back into the place rather than rent it. This after a couple of weeks of him waffling, backing out, then saying all was resolved. Needless to say, the spouse gave him the what-for. We could have signed a lease with a few other places, but declined to do so because he assured us it was going to work out. I so desperately loathe flaky people who can’t get their shit together. We’re applying for approval on a cute little place in another fairly desirable neighborhood and hoping that it pans out today so that the spouse can sign the lease and come home happy.

It didn’t help matters that I was teaching all morning and then dealing with an onslaught of student meetings immediately after. Spouse was texting and calling and not getting an answer, which I’m sure did nothing for his peace of mind. So after I’ve dealt with all that, I get the bad news and immediately swing into action from my end. I didn’t eat lunch until 12:30, and those of you who know me know that it’s a big deal for me to eat late. However, time was of the essence and I had to get on it right away.

After being on this low-FODMAP diet for a couple of months, I am noticing that my appetite and metabolism are super-human. I swear I could eat 5 meals a day if I’d let myself. At the same time, I’m dropping all kinds of weight. This is a good thing, but now that I’m not in a position financially to invest in new clothes, my stuff is just hanging off of me. I buy my work clothes a little big to err on the side of conservatism, but now they’re just ridiculously huge. The upshot is that when I am in a position to buy clothes again, I’ll be in a much bigger and cooler city that has real stores. A silver lining in every cloud, I suppose.