It is starting to feel so real. I have 3 more teaching days left, I am selling our things off left and right, and plans are being made for various farewells. There are a few places and people I will miss, but I am so ready for a new life in a new place.

The spouse is out there for a week to pave the way, and I am so envious! He has so much to do, and it is likely stressful, but he gets to spend time getting to know the place. By a stroke of great fortune, he has been hooked in to some great networking opportunities. We hope it turns into something while maintaining a healthy dose of cynicism. My own job search isn’t bringing up much, but I will remain optimistic. One job sent a quick rejection, but I anticipated that. If you list a job with a close date within a week, you obviously have someone in mind. Another position didn’t get funding, so the search failed. I will continue to apply and hope for something to happen before my last paycheck in mid-August.

This weekend, I have tentative plans with a few friends, and I will begin packing. Should be interesting! I will have moved 3 times in 33 months, so I am a pro by now. Paring down our belongings really helps, too. We will be moving far less furniture, books, clothing, etc. than we did in any of our prior moves. I welcome this new minimalism that we’ve embraced, that’s for sure.