It has been some time, dear readers. I don’t really have the excuse of being busy, just nothing much to write about. We are actively seeking a place to live, jobs, and all that, but nothing is yet decided (hence the lack of updates).

We are rapidly divesting ourselves of many unnecessary possessions, including a crapton of furniture. My university has a campus-wide message center where people post all kinds of notices, and it is amazing for selling things! Thus far I have sold a desk, bookshelf, futon, patio furniture, an A/C unit, a Keurig, and 2 end tables. I may be selling a chair and ottoman, a bed, and our dryer very soon. This accomplishes a number of objectives: Moving as easily as possible, downsizing so as to fit in a smaller place, and making money where we can. What with all the uncertainty ahead of us, we need to conserve. Fewer possessions mean no need to hire movers, a smaller truck, and less gas. It’s really kind of great.

The job search is going pretty well so far. No action yet, but I feel like there are enough jobs there for me to eventually land something. My goal is to have a job by early August, if not earlier. Even if the job isn’t well-paying, getting my foot in the door somewhere and earning something (rather than bleeding our savings) will help. The Spouse is heading there this week to do some networking and find housing for us, so it feels like good things are on the horizon.

With the sun finally coming out, the weather warming up, and all the possibilities ahead of me, things are good.