I completed and submitted my Foreign Service personal narratives last night. It feels good to have done quality work (and finished it!). It’ll be a few months before I know anything, but I am confident that whatever is meant to happen will happen. There are all kinds of exciting possibilities in my future, and I’m not going to play the “what if” game anymore.

We’re slowly but surely making our plans for the big move. I have 5 more weeks of classes to teach, a conference to attend, and final exams to give, so there’s more than enough on my plate for now. Spouse just booked a flight to go talk to some people in his field and scout out potential rental houses for us in mid-April. I’ve been notifying friends and family about our move, and the response has been overwhelmingly supportive and positive.

On tap for today: A couple of classes to teach, lunch with a friend, and then home to chill out and start my weekend. It’s cold out, but at least the sun is shining.