That trip to New Mexico? Just what we needed! Our life here has been nothing but sadness, cold, snow, slush, and darkness. There we had warmth, sun, hiking, delicious food, and relaxation. I blissfully did not a single bit of work on vacation. Imagine such a thing! Here are some pictures we took during our trip there.

I got to reflect more on what my life has been and what it may be in my post-academic life. The more I think, the more I like what I see. When I go on vacation, I am on vacation. Taking time off is something I’m entitled to, not something to induce guilt. I will have weekends and evenings to do what I want. Too many of my academic friends never seem to be able to just take time off and enjoy it. It’s pathological! For the rest of the semester, I do not intend to do any work in the evenings or on weekends. I need to start thinking about my schedule in a more humane way. Nothing I do is so important that it can’t wait until working hours.

Speaking of the future, I’ve finished drafting all of my Foreign Service Personal Narratives. I’ll do some editing on Monday morning and then share them with the Spouse for him to look over. It should be no problem at all for me to get them in well before the deadline (12:59 AM local time Thursday). I feel like each of the stories answers the question well, highlights my good qualities, and speaks to the 13 dimensions desired in a Foreign Service Officer. We’ll see how things go.