One day until Vietnam! This means I am working to make sure that my classes are ready to go when I get back the night before classes begin, all of my ducks are in a row, and my revise and resubmit is out to the editor. I took some time off in the wake of my nasty head cold (which is still lingering, by the way) to rest and relax. I managed to knit a bunch of hats, watch a few seasons of Big Love, cook, sleep in, and hang out with friends. All in all, not a bad break.

My chair emailed me last week to tell me that the folks from Red State University called to check my references, and they informed her that I was one of three finalists for the position. Well, hot damn. Spouse is a bit unthrilled about the whole thing, but right now it’s my only real prospect. The job seems good enough, and I really do think that I could be happy anywhere if I choose to be. I’ll be going for an interview at the end of January or beginning of February, so I will keep an open mind.