Of course once I finish my grading, I have to get sick with a vicious head cold. I literally did not leave the second floor of my house all day Monday. I was either in bed or in the bathroom. That’s it. So, so miserable. I broke down and took some prednisone last night because I had some chest tightness and trouble breathing, and that is bad news for me. I woke up this morning feeling loads better, but completely without a voice. I don’t much like talking, so I think I am ok with that.

I am now behind where I wanted to be before we left on our trip, but I am sure I will catch up in plenty of time. We leave in nine (9!!!!!!) days for Vietnam. I am so excited to be going back to Southeast Asia. It will be especially nice to escape the winter weather we are about to get.

Also, I am totally behind the curve on this, but I just started watching Big Love last week on my HBO on demand. I am hooked on the show now, and even have the Spouse interested. It is kind of funny that I watch it, given that my dad is LDS, but I think it’s a culturally interesting show with a great plot. I am sorry that I didn’t watch it while it was still airing, but at least now I can watch it whenever I want all the way through. It’s nice to be entertained when you’re rendered worthless by pharmaceuticals.