Bro from my earlier post (the one who called me) never bothered to follow up to address these issues with me personally and thought it would be so much better to go over my head and complain to my chair. Bad move, brah.

She wasn’t necessarily inclined to be for or against him, being a consummate professional, but it sounds like he totally shot himself in the foot. Needless to say, she has my back. My favorite line from her email was, “He said that most of his absences were later in the semester and that he knew the exam was non-cumulative, but still wonders how he could fail the exam.” Right.

Once again, another over entitled aggressive boychild has his ass handed to him because he thought he could dupe some pretty li’l lady professor. I am so tired of having to deal with this garbage, but now there are at least a few students who will have learned a valuable lesson about respect and taking responsibility. I’m just annoyed that I had to be the one to do that.