The semester is ending and I have exams, papers, and extra credit assignments to grade. So, of course, I am cleaning my house as if I were prepping an operating room. The Spouse is away for a few days visiting his family, so I really have nothing else going on and no one in my way. He will have no idea where the hell he is when he gets home Wednesday night! Out house is never nasty or disheveled, but we haven’t done very much in the way of deep cleaning in a long time.

It does feel good to have things in order and for the house to smell so good. I even went so far as to empty and scrub the litter box, since Mr. Grieves has decided that he’d rather shit on the floor. (Thanks, man.) I tackled our horribly stained kitchen sink with a Magic Eraser, which was miraculous. We have one of those old-fashioned porcelain sinks, and it gets stained from all of the coffee and brightly colored things that get dumped in it. Looks sparkling new again now!

I also enjoy having the time and energy to hit the gym. We joined up a few weeks ago to motivate ourselves to work out more consistently. So far, so good. We go at least 3-4 days a week, and we both feel like we already see results. My biometric screening at work revealed that my body fat percentage is about 1% higher than it should be, so I am actively trying to bring it down. My weight and BMI are perfectly healthy, but I would like to be a bit leaner for aesthetic reasons. My cholesterol was unbelievably perfect: HDL of 99 (really) and LDL of 76. Being mostly vegetarian on a Mediterranean-style diet has its perks. I also have genetics to thank, but no one in my family has ever done that well.