So after I had more or less made the decision to cease my pursuit of an academic position, I got an invite for a Skype interview for a great t-t job at a decent school in a terrible location. I don’t need to tell you that I am terribly conflicted about the whole thing. On one hand, it is a good tenure-track job (based on what I know from the listing and in talking to the SC chair on the phone) at an R1. On the other hand, in order to make it work for the spouse, we would need to live in the closest major city about an hour away.

The university is located in a small town in a bright red state with no discernible culture, natural beauty, or sophistication. (I say this as a person from a red state with all kinds of problems.) There is no way we are going to live there if I get the job. We more or less have to live in a major city for the spouse to find work. The idea of driving 2 hours a day as many as 4 days a week does not appeal to me in the least. If the larger city were super-cool, I might be less hesitant. As cities go, it isn’t too bad, but it sure isn’t a Chicago, LA, etc. It almost doesn’t seem worth the effort and expense.

All that aside, I am going through with the interview to see what happens. I am more than eager to be pleasantly surprised! I also know that I have other options in other places, so I would go out of genuine interest rather than desperation. I like being in that kind of space. It is a welcome change from the last 3+ years.