Given that it’s the end of November and I have no firm prospects on the academic market, I have turned my efforts toward non-academic employment. I sent out my very last academic application on Monday, and that’s that. So far, I’ve applied to nearly 10 non-academic jobs at various companies around the U.S. I’m focusing on desirable larger cities, so that we can have a better quality of life and enhance the spouse’s job prospects, too. He sacrificed for a year to be here with me, and he deserves to be able to move on with his career.

Another opportunity that has caught my eye is applying to work in the Foreign Service. The spouse and I both desire to live overseas, but we were discouraged at the idea of teaching English somewhere for $1000/month like some kid straight out of college. We’re both planning on taking the Foreign Service Officer Test in February, with the hopes that at least one of us makes it through all of the rounds and gets an offer. It’s a grueling process, but the more I read about the type of work one does, the more I want to be a part of it.

At some point, I suppose I will have to shut down this blog, since I no longer consider myself a budding academic. Whether I continue to blog after this academic year remains to be seen. It really depends on what comes next.