If I’ve learned nothing in my 3+ years of job hunting, it’s that the positions I am least interested in will always show the most interest in me. Sigh.

I have a phone interview in a few hours that’s at a bad school in a terrible location. I wish I could pretend that I’m excited or open to the possibility of working there, but I just can’t. Honestly, even if I made it to the interview stage, I can’t see myself taking a job there. They’d have to promise to shit gold bricks or something for me to even consider going there. I am so tired of feigning excitement for jobs that just aren’t what I want in locations I want to avoid. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. The idea of taking an academic job just anywhere for the sake of having a career in academia no longer appeals to me. I’d so much rather do something else if it means that I am happy and that Spouse is happy. It really isn’t my duty to be miserable.

Also, just got a revise and resubmit on an article that is about one of my sexier topics. The work is somewhat interesting, but it’s peripheral to what I really enjoy researching/writing about. It kind of chafes me that I can keep turning this stuff out all day long, but what I truly love doesn’t seem to get any action. I really don’t feel like defining myself by this particular thread of research, but the market wants what it wants.

And this section may go *poof* in a little while, but if I could use one word to describe my trip back to Hometown for my sister’s wedding, it would be “shitshow.” Without revealing too much, I must say that I am amazed at how disappointing some people in my family can be, and how fucking crazy they are. It was a stark reminder that I need to get a job far, far away from all of that. Yet another reason for me to be less than enthusiastic about the impending phone interview.