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Yesterday, I received notice that a paper I submitted for Huge National Conference was accepted. This is a good thing, because it means a) another line on the vita and b) I get to go to San Francisco for a few days in the spring. Huzzah!

I feel like I am mostly getting things done and keeping my workload manageable. At some point I need to start focusing in on my new class for the spring. I initially wanted to emulate some of my colleagues who specialize in the field, but I’m beginning to see that perhaps I should keep it simple so that I don’t get too overwhelmed. If things go well, I will be spending a few days here and there on interviews, and a highly complex class structure will just cause agony.

No firm nibbles on the job front, but one kinda sorta nibble (I think). It bothers me so much less now that I know I won’t be doing this again. We are eyeing DC, New York, Austin, Albuquerque for potential landing sites in our post-academic lives. For now, we will keep on trucking and hope that something good pans out for me.