Well, Sandy ended up being mostly nothing for us. The worst of it was having our garbage cans blown all over creation. I went outside at one point to secure a potted plant and found myself struggling to stay upright. The winds were fairly intense, with gusts around 70 or so, but we never lost power. So very, very grateful!

The HR person from the near-immediate rejection job responded to an e-mail I sent last week, explaining that the person who was currently in the position changed hir mind and decided to stay. Seems like they would try to ascertain certainty rather than put out an ad just to see what happens. That kind of horseshit would not happen at my current institution.

Also, the spouse and I have decided that if I do not have a job lined up by April that we will start applying for non-academic jobs in NYC and DC and move to whichever place offers either of us a job first. While I’m sad and still very conflicted about the whole thing, there’s something to be said for closure. This whole job search thing feels like a soul-sucking waste of time, and I’ll be glad when it’s over. It is also a relief to know that after January, I won’t be sending out any more academic job applications.