Since this semester is essentially a repeat of the last 2 semesters, my class prep is taking much less time. I’m using the extra time productively by ramping up my research after a period of dormancy. One study that I’m looking to do involves an upcoming event, so my priority is to get my measures designed and online within 6 weeks. This study is more or less a rehash of my dissertation study, but with some changes that make the study a bit more streamlined. I am hoping to collect data in a few geographic regions, which may yield interesting comparisons.

I also am joining a team of researchers from a number of other institutions who are interested in doing a fairly large-scale study on some applications of my sub-specialty theory to some new and different populations. Strangely enough, I got pulled in to this by someone who served on a search committee for one of the many jobs I didn’t get. At least someone thought I did good work. Even stranger is that the person who got the job over me was invited in on the conference call on Friday. She didn’t say much, and I had to wonder whether she knew I had applied for that job. Kind of awkward.

It feels good to jump back into the research game. If nothing else, I will have a lot to talk about during a campus visit!