Lovely darling little cherub finally went to talk to my chair. He said that he didn’t get any feedback from me at all, had a B+ going into the final paper, and the paper counted 40% of the entire course grade. Kid has a future working for the Romney/Ryan campaign, if nothing else.

She came to talk to me the next day, asking about his claims. I showed her the syllabus, all of the assignments, the rubrics, and what grade he had going into the final paper. Truth was, he had 3 forms of feedback (rough draft comments, rough draft rubric, final draft rubric), additional comments from me via email on his final draft, no visits to my office hours, a C- going into the paper, and the paper only counted for 20% of the total grade.

Needless to say, she has my back on this. I think we all learned some valuable lessons from this incident, or at least I did.